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There are many Miami Roof Contractor providers out there offering their services to the community. These contractors, for a right amount of money, take it under them to renovate or refurbish your roofs. Most of these Miami Roof Contractor individuals are working independently, entering into contracts with different companies or other individuals on their own.

A Miami Roof Contractor can have pre-defined, fixed rates for the kind of work they undertake. These contractors are known for their high quality of work.

When speaking to them about the changing demands in the roof coating industry, they all came up with the answer, ‘reflective roof coatings,’ one of the most highly used services when it comes to roofers.

Now, what exactly is a reflective roof coating?

As the name suggests, it is a kind of coating that reflects back sunlight. If installed properly, it can reflect back up to 70%-80% of the harmful Sun rays.

It is directly installed on roofs to control temperatures and to stop the roof from heating up. They are mostly used in hot and humid locations, with very high temperatures. As per any Miami Roof Contractor, the demand for reflective roof coatings has been on a constant rise, due to the gradual increase in earth’s temperature. The demand for the reflective roof coating is directly proportional to the temperature.

Reflective roof coatings are also known as ‘albedo coatings’. They are installed to reduce solar heat and act like reflective mirrors, sending back heat and not absorbing it.

Any experienced Miami Roof Contractor would suggest that the reason for the high and continuous demand for such metal sheets are the facts that they are very affordable, easy to install and really useful with many benefits. They can efficiently reduce roof temperatures by up to 80°F (about 45°C),

They are not only cheap to install but also help homeowners cut down other costs. Miami Roof Contractor firms say that most of the customers, who have gotten this service installed, were very happy with the final outcome. The controlled temperature helps homeowners save a lot of money in cooling costs too. Research suggests that by installing these, homeowners can save up to 20%-25% of their home’s energy. As due to the controlled temperature, one does not require the air conditioner to run continuously. It saves energy and cuts the bill too.

Another important, undeniable benefit of the reflective roof coatings is that they help in increasing the lifespan of roofs. A Miami Roof Contractor often states that roofs covered with protective coatings have a longer life and stay leak-and-crack free for a longer period of time. They can add up to 10-15 years to a roof’s life, if installed properly, and save on the amount of discarded roofing material.

As per most of the Miami roof contractor firms out there, having reflective roof coatings is easily the best and most trusted method of increasing the life and efficiency of one’s roof. It does not only help save costs, but also keeps the whole environment cooler, which helps homeowners save in air conditioning costs too.

More and more homes are utilizing these services. You should not wait either. Reflective roof coatings can help your home tremendously. Contact a Miami Roof Contractor today and get the reflective roof coating that your home so rightly deserves.


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