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Oakland Park, Florida – August 2011 – Renowned sheet metal fabrication provider, Southern Sheet Metal recently launched their new website, Their new website offers visitors great improvements in appearance, navigation, and overall accessibility. The website offers online visitors all necessary information in an easily accessed online environment.

Southern Sheet Metal has been in business for more than 50 years and is widely known for their quality products and the pride they take in their work. They are recognized for their experienced and friendly staff, fast service, convenience, low price, and continued value of professional products. However, to reach a much larger customer base, Southern Sheet Metal has taken to the internet to increase traffic and business and remain the main purveyor of sheet metal fabrication products throughout the Southern Florida region.

“With a fresh format and appearance, our new website contains more information on sheet metal fabrication and details about everything we offer. We also put up pictures of all our employees as it puts a face to the name when customers call up and it also shows customers that we are here and always available,” said Southern Sheet Metal Vice President John Aiello. “We have significantly improved our navigation design, content, and provided more information to our visitors so they may be able to make informed decisions regarding using Southern Sheet Metal.”

The existing clients of Southern Sheet Metal will notice a big improvement in the functionality and design of the website. It is now much easier to access all relevant information regarding the core services of the company. “We are very excited about the new cutting-edge website as it will allow for continued growth throughout the oncoming years,” stated Aiello.

One of the biggest additions to the new website is the inclusion of a blog. It will offer not only information regarding Southern Sheet Metal, including new promotions and special offers, but it will provide interested parties with insight into sheet metal fabrication business. This will include special “how-to” articles and other industry-specific articles individuals will be able to read and then comment on if they wish to.

This new website will integrate all elements of this business to project a strong presence throughout cyberspace. Through the utilization of smart web design, effective and relevant content, and stand-out graphics, Southern Sheet Metal will be able to successfully broadcast the experience and professionalism of the company to all current and potential customers.


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