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Everyone knows that the primary function of any roof is to protect the structure, as well as the people and items inside the structure bad weather, such as rain or snow. However, the rain or snow needs somewhere to go. If left to sit on the roof and accumulate, the rain and/or snow can cause the roof to become weak and start to decay. Therefore a roof drainage system is added to the roof of the home or building to redirect the water on the roof right to the ground, thereby protecting the entire structure from any moisture damage. While people do not pay a lot of attention to their roof drainage system, it does not in any way diminish its importance. In fact, more people should be paying attention to their roof drainage system as a poorly functioning one can end up costing a homeowner or building owner lots of money in roof and building repairs.

There are many benefits associated with having proper roof drainage systems on all residential and commercial structures, increasing the importance of maintaining a proper one. They are able to guide all rainwater and melted snow off of the roof of the structure and away from the home or buildings. They also prevent the water from settling down around the foundation of the building or home. If water is left to sit, it causes the area around the home to become unstable and lead to problems with the walls of the building, including foundation defects. Proper roof drainage systems also prevent damage from occurring to the roof, fascia, soffit, as well as exterior pain and trim. Lastly, proper roof drainage systems stop the ability of water to enter into the interior walls and basement.

Damage to homes and other buildings will start to occur once any water has the ability to penetrate into the foundation or the walls. This is a huge problem that can be very costly to repair and occurs when there is no proper roof drainage system, the roof drainage system is damaged, or the downspouts attached to the roof drainage system are not working properly or placed in a location that is bad. If water damage occurs to the foundation of a home, it can cause setting as well as cracking throughout foundations and walls. It can also cause the onset of mold growth around the home, which is not only very difficult to eliminate, but can also cause a number of health-related problems to those inside the home.

Roof drainage systems should be continually monitored and inspected. The best time to inspect a roof drainage system is often in the summer before the heavy rains of autumn and snow of winter starts to hit. Homeowners and building owners need to ensure their roof drainage system properly functions. No one wants to wait until the last minute or until they start noticing problems to do something about their roof drainage system. Not only will it cost money to repair the roof drainage system, but also whatever was damaged by having an ill-functioning system on the home or building. A regular inspection will prevent the onset of blockages caused by debris and leaves. As well, during cold climates, the snow can melt, run under remaining snow and then refreeze in the eaves where temperature is at a much cooler point. This causes the formation of ice dams. These ice dams then block the roof drainage system. As the melting water starts to collect, because it does not have anywhere to go, as the ice dam blocks it from going down the roof drainage system, it can actually start seeping into the roof and cause the formation of leaks.


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