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Silicone Roof Restoration

When it comes to roof replacement, whether it’s residential or commercial, there’s a substantial cost that goes into it. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing at all, but you can’t afford a new roof, so what do you do? Recently there have been some serious breakthroughs in roofing options, most notably the concept of silicone roof coatings. Not only are they cost effective, but they are very durable and versatile. In Florida we have to contend with the elements; more specifically rain, sun, and wind. Silicone is perhaps the best at dealing with these hazards for the price.

Benefits of Silicone Roof Coatings

If the surface of your roof is showing damage, but there’s not anything wrong with the structure, you just need a little protection to keep what’s there going. That’s where coatings come in; they don’t replace the roof itself, but they provide a necessary barrier to the elements. When it comes to materials that are best for coating, there are really only two affordable options in acrylic and silicone. Silicone however has some serious power behind it, and is a better choice in Florida for these reasons:

  • It’s not water based
  • It’s a reflective substance
  • Strong chemical bonding
  • Longevity

Florida is known for its weather, and you want a material that won’t crack under the pressure. Silicone is not water-based like acrylic, and therefore it will retain its strength even during and after a rainstorm. The adhesion will stay strong, and it won’t ultimately come apart from the surface. In addition, the silicone coating is highly UV resistant. The design allows it to have maximum reflectivity, which keeps it lasting for a while.

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Ponding water is a serious problem that can destroy most roofing systems. Due to the chemical bonding of silicone, it is a lot more resilient to this than other coatings. While there will always be some instance of ponding water, you want it to be as limited as possible. All of these benefits culminate in the longevity of silicone. No coating is a surefire fix to a bad roof, but silicone coating can hold off the effects for up to 10 years, essentially elongating the life of what you have.

Get an Honest Opinion

As mentioned, no coating, be it silicone or not, is a perfect solution. However, if you’re looking to repair but not break the bank, it might be the best solution for you. When you contact us, we are able to give you the most honest opinion so that you know what you’re getting into. We have experience with multiple styles from three different manufacturers.

From Gaco Western,
we use: GacoFlex S2000

Gaco Roof:

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PM TotalRoof

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