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Our History

While working for a sheet metal shop in Wisconsin, Les Pratt was looking to advance his career. He interviewed with a company. The owner and Les got to know each other quickly. His potential employer was so impressed by his ambition and work ethic that he did not hire him. He offered him an opportunity. The young entrepreneur was encouraged to find a business they could own together. He found Southern Sheet Metal, a small operation that had produced various metal products since 1957.

They purchased and incorporated the company in 1965. Les Pratt and his wife Janet came to Fort Lauderdale from Madison to build the business and the partner stayed in Wisconsin to manage his existing business. They worked hard at the business and raised their family here in South Florida. Eventually they acquired 100 percent of the business.

They developed the business and specialized in the fabrication and installation of roof edges, gutters and down spouts, as well as other roofing accessories. Eventually, the company expanded into selling other wholesale roofing products. In 1982 they added another branch in Boynton Beach . With help from their family, friends, customers, employees and suppliers, the Pratts ran a successful business for many years.

In 2004 the Pratts partnered with their daughter Nancy and her husband John Aiello. Nancy has worked at the company since 1985. John has over 30 years of experience in management, specializing in construction and production management, and has been with the company since 1998.

Today Nancy and John manage the business. They continue to develop the family business while maintaining the same high standards and values that customers expect of Southern Sheet Metal. By adding new product lines such as reflective roof coatings and metal roofing, updating equipment, making full use of modern technology, and hiring and retaining a top-notch staff, Southern Sheet Metal is able to provide service and workmanship unparalleled in the industry.

Since 1957, Southern Sheet Metal has been providing customers with high quality metal fabrication and roofing materials. You're in the best hands with SSM.