Our Team

One of our greatest strengths at Southern Sheet Metal is our people. We are a family owned and operated company that value good employees and we aim to keep them happy. An individual employee on our staff has an on average over 20 years of employment with our company. Not only do they have great experience at Southern Sheet Metal, most of our employees have previous experience in metal fabrication, general construction, and roofing.

What does that mean to you, the customer?

Reliable, trustworthy, experienced, skilled workers produce quality products and excellent service that we can be proud to provide. We have the field and shop experience needed to get the job done right, to specifications and meet code requirements, in a timely manner. That accuracy saves you time and money and supports the professional image and workmanship that your customers will appreciate.

John Aiello

John Aiello, President
SSM since 1990

Nancy Aiello

Nancy Aiello, Vice President
SSM since 1985

Rafael Diniz

Rafael Diniz
Sheet Metal Fabricator since 2007, SSM since 2012

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez
SSM since 2005

Ernie Weir

Ernie Weir
Boynton Beach Branch Manager, SSM since 1985

Ken Meade

Ken Meade, Branch Manager
SSM Since 1980
Over 35 Years Experience
Metal Industry

Don Sperry

Don Sperry
SSM since 1984
Over 45 Years Experience
Sheet Metal Fabrication

Jason Leon

Jason Leon
SSM Since 1993
Over 25 Years Experience
Metal Fabrication

Bill Bailey

 Bill Bailey, Over 20 Years Experience
Roofing and Sheet Metal

James Powel

James Powel
SSM Since 2005
Over 15 Years Experience
Roofing Materials and Sheet Metal

Paul Royds

Paul Royds
Roofing and Sheet Metal Industry since 1992, SSM since 2013

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